Urgent appeal: Agromyzidae Recording Scheme (UK)
Posted by Paul Beuk on 19 July 2023 07:18:16
Due to unforeseen technical issues, the National Agromyzidae Recording scheme (UK) needs to create a new website before September 2023. The current website (https://agromyzidae.myspecies.info) is used by hundreds of people from all over Europe (and further afield) and to ensure people can still access the most up to date knowledge, a new website needs to be created before it is closed down by Natural History Museum later in the year. This will mean the public can continue to be encouraged, engaged and educated about British Agromyzidae as there are no other resources, online or printed, which provide as much information as the schemes moribund website. I have spent thousands of hours making the current website what it is and it would be a massive blow to all those who use the site and to me personally if this free resource was no longer available.

Unfortunately, the cost of creating a new, equivalent, website is beyond my financial capabilities and as a very last resort, I am hoping anyone who has found the scheme and its website valuable may be so kind enough to help.

If anyone is willing to help by making a donation, details can be found here:


Thank you.

Barry Warrington