10,000 visits!
Posted by Paul Beuk on 12 December 2004 20:28:06
The 10,000th unique visit coincides with an upgrade of PHP-Fusion from version 4.01 to 5. The average visitor will hardly hardly notice the upgrade, unless there are some unsolved issues. If you find any errors, please send them to me and I will see whether it is because I installed it incompletely or that the system shows some quircky behaviour. You can use the Contact Me link (everyone) or the Private Message system (Members only).


View the extended news (Read More) to see the recorded errors, causes and what is being done to solve them.
Extended News
The error message in the Diptera Gallery is noted and being worked on. It is an on/off problem related to different versions of MySQL (the database). An upcoming version of photoalbum pages probably will solve it. The fact that the pictures are still not sorted in alphabetical order is related to the same problem. (13.12.2004)
The error message in the Diptera Gallery is solved. Apparently more strict coding circumvents the problem resulting in the error message. The sorting problem still remains. (27.12.2004)
The sorting problem has bee circumvented by updating the separate albums offline and then importing the data in the online system. Images will be added offline as well and then imported in the online system. This will cause some delay in adding images to the Diptera Gallery. The problem is apparently related to the MySQL Server version running on the server. This should be updated in a few weeks fom now, when a new server is installed (13.04.2005)