Thread subject: :: Are Mycetophilidae adults known to live underground?

Posted by Jef Hendrix on 05-03-2021 11:37

I have no experience with this family, so I could be mistaken of course. Also the only key I found is terribly outdated. Taxonomy and synonymity was probably still a mess in that time. It keys out in Allodia, but it seems Brevicornu, Cordyla and Stigmatomeria were all regarded as members of genus Allodia?

Following your descriptions, I suppose it is Cordyla spec. The antennae are shorter and not just thickened and I can't see sensory pits in the antennae. My microscope is not strong enough to see sensory pits in the palps. I will add some pictures, maybe they can help identifying them.

The pitfall was placed with the opening at a depth of 10 cm. The speciemens were caught in february.

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