Thread subject: :: Are Mycetophilidae adults known to live underground?

Posted by Jef Hendrix on 04-03-2021 12:13

Two Brevicornu spec. were found in an underground pitfall trap (not accessible from the surface) in Belgium. They can only have entered the trap by digging in the soil.

Does anyone know about Mycetophilidae adults living/digging in the soil? I can't find anything about this behaviour in this family.
-Do they dig for the oviposition in underground fungi?
-Do pupae 'hatch' underground? (this doesn't seem likely to be the explanation, because the wings where fully developped)
(Just one of my toughts, without real scientific base ;) : 'Digging' could to be a possible evolutionary explanation for the short antennae (much shorter than any other Mycetophilidae) )

There doesn't seem to be much knowledge about the ecology of Brevicornu species, or at least I can't find it. So I'm interested in anything about the genus, because I'm intrigued by this observation of underground adults.