Thread subject: :: Mycetophilidae => Dziedzickia? No, Trichonta

Posted by Steve Scholnick on 20-02-2021 00:17

female fungus gnat found near the Potomac River. Keys out to Dziedzickia using the Manual of the Nearctic Diptera and in Shaw & Fisher's 1952 paper on "Fungivoridae". MND says "Dziedzickia is undoubtedly a complex of several genera." and the genus appears to include species with and without wing vein R2+3 (from Baxter, 1989: "The Nearctic species D. longicornis (Coquillett), D. polyzona (Loew), D. separata (Johannsen), and D. vittata (Coq.) differ from Hadroneura, D. marginata, and D. pentastylobia in the absence of vein R2+3." (https://www.jstor...e/25085060)). body length ~4mm

Not every character state in each MND couplet fits so I'd appreciate confirmation/correction of the ID. Thanks in advance for the help.


dorsal view of right wing; ventral view of left

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