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Posted by helge on 24-11-2020 09:07

Larvae found in Austria (border Styria/Slovenia).
22.09.2020; 460m a.s.l.

Every help appreciated!, thank you.


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Posted by atylotus on 25-11-2020 13:08

Hi Helge, Seems like Tipulidae to me, but what a fascinating creature. This one is not in Theowald 1967, so I'm not even sure which subgenus. Incredible.
I will look through some books and papers tomorrow when I'm back at the lab.
It is not in https://ccw.natur..._2011c.pdf
Ton aka Atylotus

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Posted by helge on 26-11-2020 08:23

Hi Ton,
Thank you for your answer and your passion!
I am very excited about the results of your research.

best regards,

Posted by atylotus on 26-11-2020 14:08

Hi helge
First of all, I want to ask you if this is aquatic or terrestrial (dead wood? other niches).
Furthermore, I Couldn't find any species matching your. I suggest contacting John Gelhaus (, Virginija Podeniene ( or Pjotr Oosterbroek (
Let me know the results.

Posted by helge on 27-11-2020 10:15

Hi Ton, very interesting..

I did not collect it, but a colleague asked me for help and sent me the photos..
It was collected in a river called Feistritz at the border Styria/Slovenia. They do research about Macrozoobenthos. The sampling methode they use is called "MHS" = multi habitat sampling. One sample contains MZB of 20 diferent locations (microhabitats) in the river, also close to the river bank.It could be aquatic or semiaquatic, at least.

Thank you for your help - and the contact adresses, I will send them a E-Mail.

I will let you know the results, of course.

Posted by atylotus on 27-11-2020 14:16

I hope your colleague did collect it. Else it would be :o

Posted by helge on 27-11-2020 16:37

Of course he did! |t