Thread subject: :: How to mount Nematocera with long legs?

Posted by Johnny on 06-11-2020 12:07

Good day!
What is the best way for mounting longlegs Nematocera, like Tipulidae / Limoniidae etc.? Bend down legs under the body, or may be separate it and glue it on board? Or may be storage in ethanol is a good idea? It's so often break.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 06-11-2020 16:50

The only effective method I have seen for retaining legs on Tipuloidea is to glue the specimens (on their sides) onto rectangular or triangular cards, and fold the legs so they can be glued on to the cards as well. Fortunately most (all?) species can be identified without legs, although leg colour, and the presence/absence of tibial spurs is often helpful.

Posted by Johnny on 06-11-2020 17:34

Something like that?

Edited by Johnny on 06-11-2020 17:36

Posted by Tony Irwin on 06-11-2020 22:15

Yes, making sure that the thorax is securely glued to the point of the card, otherwise you will end up with a nice set of legs and a detached body!