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Posted by rafael_carbonell on 04-02-2023 11:46

[Gregor et al 2002]
Posterodorsal seta in distal third of hind tibia well developed.
Prosternum bare [not visible].
Mid tibia without anterodorsals.
Radial node bare [assumed, not observed]
Scutellum at least apically yellow or reddish.
Abdomen completely dark = with no yellow.
__Notopleuron without any hairs near base of posterior notopleural seta (no way)
Notopleuron with some hairs around posterior notopleural seta [difficult to see]
Mid and hind femora yellow.
__Katepimeron bare; crossveins strongly infuscated (no way)
Katepimeron haired [not visible]
Crossveins at most slightly infuscated.
Lower occipital setae partly reddish yellow.
Frontal triangle reaching middle of frons.
Vein M1 somewhat upcurved apically.
Sternite 1 bare.
Phaonia valida (Harris)

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