Thread subject: :: Musca domestica photo for Wikipedia

Posted by Kahis on 10-11-2007 02:05


The Wikipedia page for Musca domestica lacks good photos of the fly, which is a shame as it is probably the most accessed fly page. I have deleted various photos of calliphorids, sarcophagids fannids, etc. from the page during the last months. Finally, I found a photo of a Musca female which is at least close to M. domestica.

The problem is, I am still not 100% sure this isn't M. autumnalis. The width of the orbitals seems rather intermediate and I don't have large samples of females of the two species to compare.

So, could someone either confirm that the fly in the photo linked to above is Musca domestica, or upload a good photograph or two of the species to Wikimedia Commons?

Best wishes