Thread subject: :: Gymnosoma sp. ID

Posted by BartNap on 02-10-2020 15:09

Hello, this fly has been identified as Gymnosoma sp already. I am wondering if there is any chance to also identify the species? The pictures were taken in the garden, around Poznan, northwest Poland, in July 2020.

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Posted by BartNap on 02-10-2020 15:11

pic 2, July 2020

Posted by Zeegers on 02-10-2020 18:58

Please don’t post different specimens of Gymnosoma in ine post, it is already a mess as it is.
See our recent DNA analysis, and you know why ....


Posted by BartNap on 03-10-2020 00:55

Fixed, excuse my ignorance, Theo. I believed it’s the same species on the pictures. Regards