Thread subject: :: Please help to id Flies from Tien Shan mnts

Posted by Askar on 26-09-2020 15:57

Dear friends,

Could you please help to recognize Flies which I took photos last month. All Flies were shot in foothills of Tien Shan mountains near Almaty (Kazakhstan).

1. Tachina genus. I saw several specimens looked similar. I think it's good to publish them separately.

2. another one

3. one more

4. other looking Fly

5. Fly with pale spots in belly

Posted by John Carr on 26-09-2020 16:59

Tribe Tachinini

Posted by Askar on 26-09-2020 17:04

Thank you very much John! is it possible to recognize species?

Posted by John Carr on 26-09-2020 17:07

I'm not even sure of genus. It looks like what we would call Tachina in North America but the first flagellomere may be too long. Species identification from photos is difficult outside of western Europe.

Posted by Askar on 26-09-2020 17:28

Yes, agree to you. I hoped to community of this site, but in real seems impossible to recognize insects in photos from Central Asia. One week ago I took photo of Xylocopa turanica, I think the first photo of this bee in Web. Terra incognita.

Thank you once again John!

Posted by Zeegers on 26-09-2020 17:31

Dear Askar

This is very interesting material ! You have many species of Tachina and Nowickia, although Zimin was slightly exaggerating. I have been in Tien Shan both on the Kyrgyz and the Kazakh side, so I am very interested.
As John pointed out, for now, material needs to be collected, we need to study genitalia. There are no doubt new species to be found.
If you did collect or plan to do so (please do), send me a personal message on this board.

PS. Kyrgyz material is discussed in Tachinid Times, you can find it online.

Theo Zeegers

Posted by Askar on 26-09-2020 18:07

Thank you Theo! Good news, that's reassuring. Of course I will look discussion of Kyrgyz Flies.