Thread subject: :: Parhelophilus versicolor or frutetorum? -> Parhelophilus sp.

Posted by Renate on 03-07-2020 09:19


just found this picture from lasr summer and realized that this hoverfly hasn't been named yet ;)

Is this Parhelophilus veriscolor or P. frutetorum?

Length approx 10mm (if I remember this right)
Germany Brandenburg, Fährsee, amongst trees a few yards from the lake
24-June 2019


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Posted by Sundew on 03-07-2020 21:31

It is a female and thus hopeless... See https://diptera.i...;pid=98417 and the descriptions and pictures given here: https://www.flick...263217876/. Males can be told apart if there is a picture of the lower side of femur 3, as P. frutetorum has a bristle-tipped tubercle under its base. But the identification of females from photos is hardly possible - sorry!
Regards, Sundew

Posted by Renate on 03-07-2020 22:47

at least it's not only me who can't tell - Parhelophilus sp. it will be, then :)

Thanks for your reply