Thread subject: :: Dolichopodidae from Badajoz (Spain) -> Chrysotus sp. or Thrypticus sp.

Posted by Jfdocampo on 11-06-2020 23:35

Badajoz (Spain), 14th July, 2018.


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Posted by Jfdocampo on 11-06-2020 23:35


Posted by Jfdocampo on 23-09-2020 22:43

Any suggestion?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-09-2020 07:52

Chrysotus sp.

Posted by Jfdocampo on 24-09-2020 10:29

Thank you Paul.

Posted by Marc Pollet on 04-10-2020 11:15

No Chrysotus, in my opinion, but rather Thrypticus.

Posted by Jfdocampo on 12-10-2020 18:25

Thank you Marc. Too much difficult for me. What's the difference between the two genera?

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Posted by John Carr on 12-10-2020 20:03

Chrysotus and Thrypticus are superficially similar in some of the easy characters. Both have apical arista, no preapical bristles on femora, and crossvein m-cu shorter than distal section of Cu. Species of Thrypticus tend to have pale bristles instead of dark, and males have large genitalia like Medetera (which is in the same subfamily).

Posted by Jfdocampo on 13-10-2020 18:32

Indeed too much difficult for me, like I said before. And the shots aren't the best to distinguish the colour of the bristles I'm afraid.

Thank you anyway, John.