Thread subject: :: Acrocerid pupa ?

Posted by John Bratton on 11-06-2020 18:47

I collected this 1 June 2020 from a marsh at Moelyci Farm, Tregarth, North Wales. The host is Tetragnatha extensa. Unfortunately I had pickled it before I noticed the parasite. I am suggesting Acroceridae because that is the only group I know that parasitises spiders.

Posted by John Bratton on 11-06-2020 18:49

Is it possible to identify a pupa? I don't think any of the three British species of acrocerid has been recorded in North Wales.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 11-06-2020 23:44

All the British acrocerids are internal parasites, and as far as I know none has been recorded from Tetragnatha. I suspect this is more likely to be an ichneumon.

Posted by eklans on 12-06-2020 08:10

Bore da John, it could be a Acrodactyla sp. (Pimplinae) - these are parasitoids of Tetragnatha, too.

Greetings, Eric

Posted by John Bratton on 12-06-2020 09:34

Thanks very much. It is a slight comfort to know I haven't missed out on the first North Wales acrocerid. There are no Acrodactyla records from around here either but they don't look very distinctive. I don't think I could pick them out in a sweep net.