Thread subject: :: Local words for mosquito larvae

Posted by John Carr on 04-06-2020 14:59

In English we have a word "wriggler" for a larva of Culicidae and "tumbler" for a pupa. In Chinese one can say 孑孓 (jiéjué) for a mosquito larva.

What other terms do users have in their own languages?

Posted by Carnifex on 04-06-2020 15:08

would be nice to have, but I am not aware there are expressions in German for these stages.

Posted by atylotus on 16-09-2020 13:38

There are no vernacular names for these stages in The Netherlands. The family Culicidae are 'steekmuggen', so larvae and pupae would simply be 'steekmug larven' and 'steekmug poppen'. Anopheles we usually name 'malariamuggen' but also for all stages ('larven van malariamuggen' and 'poppen van malariamuggen').

Posted by Jozef Obona on 16-09-2020 16:01

in Slovakia - "komár"

Posted by cmherrera on 16-09-2020 16:22

In southern Spain's Spanish their common name is "gusarapo"

Posted by John Carr on 13-10-2020 21:55

cmherrera wrote:
In southern Spain's Spanish their common name is "gusarapo"

Are gusarapo and gusarapa the same?