Thread subject: :: Curating collections at home

Posted by Kahis on 09-11-2005 14:44

Andre wrote:
When you want to freeze at -18 degrees C, you may have to keep them in the fridge much longer to be sure possible eggs or larvae are all killed. I wouldn't know when you are safe then. Maybe just try?
recommends -20 to -25C (well, actually it recommends -200 to -250C but an older version I have on my computer says -20-25). I'd guess a week at -18 should work well enough. There's long and very detailed paper on curating insect collections floating around on the net, but I cannot find the address rigth now.

Anyway, I am not a specialist in this field. Maybe Kahis can add some info on this, since he is permanently living in a freezer....? :D

I'd reply with a scathing remark, but my brain doesn't work before I've downed my daily shots of anti-freeze;)

(I must say the summer of 2003 was very nice in Finland, though!)

Hey, you're one of the Dutch dipterists who were here on a bike tour in 2003, aren't you? Should've guessed... I never had a chance to meet you but I have heard wild stories from Tero Piirainen :o (just joking)

Global warming (and the coastal climate of Helsinki) sucks monkey balls. I miss the real crisp cold winter days of my youth in central Finland. This fall has been record-warm and my kite-snowboarding stuff hasn't been aired since April :( Brilliant sport tough, I wish the winter was longer here B)