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Posted by conopid on 06-11-2005 23:26

I am engaged in constant battle with "pests" that want to eat my reference collection of flies. Pests are Psocids, museum beetles and now some tiny mites! To kill pests I useParadichlorobenzene - PCB, which is carcenogenic, so I am not keen on using it, but there does not seem to be much alternative. I used to use Vapona insect killer sticks, which I cut into strips. These were excellent, as they lasted about a year in closed boxes. Sadly Vaponsa insect killer is no longer available, only the stuff that deters, but does not kill pests. Also, PCB does not last long before it needs replacing. This is a problem, as I have many boxes to curate and it takes a long time to refill the cells/containers with PCB. Time I could better use for identifying the flies I have caught, set and labelled.

Also, I use plastic lunch boxes and wooden storage boxes. I thought that plastic boxes would be best, as they seal really well, but today I have found tiny mites in one of these boxes, munching their way through some hoverflies! The box had no PCB in it, as I mistakenly thought a well sealed box would be safe.

So what does everyone else do?

Can anyone suggest a good modern text on curating a home reference colection of flies and other insects. What do other people use to keep pests away and kill them? How do you store your collection. All ideas welcome.

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