Thread subject: :: Sarcophagidae: Sarcophaga s.l.

Posted by tamas on 21-04-2020 16:58

Budapest, Hungary
April 2020
Length: 9.6 mm (to wing tips)

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Posted by tamas on 21-04-2020 17:01

Lateral view:

Posted by tamas on 21-04-2020 17:01

Ventral view:

Posted by Zeegers on 21-04-2020 18:59

No, typical male Sarcophaga s.l. Red genitalia is a clue ( though this is shared by several species).


Posted by tamas on 21-04-2020 19:55

Thank you Theo,

I thought it cannot be a Sarcophaga because the hind coxae look bare, without the fine hairs that are the key for Sarcophaginae (Povolny-Verves 1997 book).


Posted by Zeegers on 22-04-2020 08:02

Hi Tamas

It is impossible t see these hairs from general habitus pictures.
They are pretty small and moreover, only visible in the proper angle of view.
Agria is more “Muscid-like”: shorter body and different shifting pattern on abdomen. Difficult to describe, but one you have a real Agria, you inmediately see what I mean. Like you see that Brachycoma is not a Sarcophaga.

Agria are generally relatively rare, so you can assume any Sarc to be a Sarcophaga sl., unless ......


Posted by tamas on 22-04-2020 09:47

Hi Theo,

Thanks for the explanation!
Next time I will close up on the key parts


Posted by Daniel Whitmore on 07-05-2020 15:11

Interesting specimen Tamas -- did you preserve it?

Posted by tamas on 13-05-2020 13:40

Hi Daniel,
Sorry I just see your comment.

No, I do not keep specimen. Of course if I only new it was special I would have preserved it.