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Posted by Nacho Cabellos on 11-04-2020 12:55

Gallery forest. Sierra Madrona. South central Spain. 900 m. Ago. Light trap.

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Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 17-04-2020 16:44

Chloropidae: Thaumatomyia notata (Meigen, 1830). Apical scutellar setae extremely close together, setulae present on the surface of the ocellar triangle. Gena (jowl) below the eye narrow, 3rd antennal segment not longer than deep. A very abundant species, larvae predators of root aphids (Pemphigidae), thus, being useful insects in vegetable crops.

Posted by Nacho Cabellos on 17-04-2020 19:06

Thanks a lot!!

and thanks especially for the explanation. It's very useful for me!!