Thread subject: :: [update: answered] Clogmia spp. in N. America

Posted by John Schneider on 09-01-2020 05:51

[Update: Question answered in Bugguide forums]

The bugguide info page says there is probably only one species of Clogmia in North America north of Mexico, Clogmia albipunctata.

Is there uncertainty about whether the literature treats the genus Clogmia in N. America as having only a single species or as having multiple species? Or is it merely that, although the literature may treat Clogmia as having multiple species, there is uncertainty over whether that treatment is correct?

If my question isn't clear, let me know.

Apologies if this isn't an appropriate forum. I've posted the question in the Bugguide forums, as well: https://bugguide....ew/1769346.

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