Thread subject: :: Opomyza petrei male? = yes

Posted by Jan Willem on 07-12-2021 13:19

Hello John,
Very late response:

It's always a bit tricky because I have also seen specimens of Opomyza germinationis with a rather "petrei-like" abdomen. In those cases you see the stripes along the sides of the abdomen, but the area next to that stripe is not that convincingly orange/reddish. In your picture is looks rather orange/reddish, but in the smaller picture it isn't that convincingly orange/reddish.
For me the best I could make of this is Opomyza cf. petrei.

Presence (O. petrei) or absence (O. germinationis) of hairs on the proepisternum should tell which species you are dealing with (not visible in the photos).