Thread subject: :: Sarcophaga variegata

Posted by johnes81 on 19-10-2019 15:14

Rui Andrade wrote:Very nice illustrations, thank you for sharing them!

Hello Rui,

The illustrations are horrible to me. I've actually won awards for my pencil drawing skills, so i am not happy to post these awful outlines. I also own a pen tablet but i rarely use it. I don't have time to master digital drawing. However, i intend to use my pen tablet to illustrate genitalia in the future.

I also have microscopic photos of S, lehmani and haemorrhoa genitalia. Sarcs are easy to find even at my balcony and inside of my flat. I actually saved a Sarc from certain death because it was trapped in my bird feeder. I came outside at the right time because i am certain that slender-billed birds at my feeder would've grabbed it for a midday snack.

Anyway, someday i will illustrate the genitalia properly using my pentablet and specialized graphics software.

Best wishes,