Thread subject: :: Sarcophaga variegata

Posted by johnes81 on 19-10-2019 11:15

Hello Rui,

I stick with the work of Dr. Pape when he has material about the species. Otherwise, i fall back to Spixiana.

I have taken a few moments to outline my own dissections using a computer mouse. My hand is too shaky to be precise when using a computer mouse. I think that the illustration is good enough for the purpose of emphasizing the teachings of Dr. Pape. I am not able to convey my knowledge to you, so a good teacher will be able to describe what i am hoping is obvious in my illustrations.

I will attach a jpeg of my quick and dirty illustrations for comparison. I think that the long narrow object at the top of the structure is the paraphallus? anyway, it rides along the phallus on carnaria and flops over the distiphallus on variegata (pale red arrows on my second outline).

I hope that this helps and Best wishes,