Thread subject: :: Photographing question

Posted by nielsyese on 28-08-2019 14:34

Sometimes I find flies with a very badly visible wing venation. Like Chironomidae, Ceratopogonidae or Scatopsidae. It is very difficult to photograph the wing venation of these flies as iT is nearly transparant.

Does anybody have tips or tricks to take good pictures of these wings to improve the visibility of the veins?

Posted by walwyn on 16-10-2022 12:32

Topaz labs have photoshop plugins that might help. I use their clarity plugin which is now replaced by Adjust AI. These allow micro contrast adjustments which can bring out detail in otherwise flattish images. I have both but still prefer the older version (maybe just familiarity).

Posted by Paul Beuk on 20-10-2022 11:31

Change the colour of the backgroud (dark) and maybe adjust the direction of the light or add an additional light source to shine over the wing rather than trhough the wing.