Thread subject: :: Sciapus platypterus?

Posted by johnes81 on 13-08-2019 13:20

Berlin - June 2018 - 4mm female

Hello everyone,

I don't work much with Dolicho, so i am not sure if my id is correct. I tried to key it several times but it is difficult to follow the keys. I think a male is easier. Anyway, could someone confirm this id or suggest something better? or should this be Sciapus sp without a specimen?

Thank you,

Posted by johnes81 on 11-09-2019 13:27

is the genus Sciapus correct?

Posted by Igor Grichanov on 11-09-2019 13:52

Sciapus sp.

Posted by johnes81 on 11-09-2019 14:04

Thank you very much, Sir Igor.

I forgot that you are a member here. I have your keys and i remember now that you have a very nice website for Dolichopodidae. I'll have to find the bookmark and start using it more often.

Best wishes,