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Posted by Kiliensecte on 24-07-2019 09:52


As a new member, i would be happy to have your point of view on this Toxophora diptera.
I was suggested T.fuscipennis but there are doubtful record for France.

Can you help me ?

Posted by Kiliensecte on 08-06-2020 12:07


I need your help for this Toxophora, I forgot that i had this picture, I hope it may help,
In France, T.fasciculata seems to be the most likely species but I hesitate with T.fuscipennis

Do you have any idea ?

Posted by Xespok on 08-04-2021 17:06

What makes you think this is not fasciculata?

Posted by Xespok on 08-04-2021 17:10

I think this is the specimen from Macquart collection that shows the doubtful record for France. THis fly seems to be dark with browned wings. So I would assume that your fly shows fasciculata.