Thread subject: :: Bibio ferruginatus = Bibio reticulatus male

Posted by johnes81 on 11-07-2019 13:30

male - May, 2018 - Berlin
i think that this is Bibio ferruginatus male.

i ask two favors:
1. confirm the species.
2. may i please have keys to palaearctic species with genitalia? anyone?

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Posted by Zeegers on 11-07-2019 21:03

It is very difficult to judge wing venation from picture, but based on this pic I’d say the posterior veins are tretty stripong, which would imply B. reticulatus.


Posted by johnes81 on 11-07-2019 22:17

interesting. I don't have that species in my list for Germany but my Wife has it in her list. I tried to deduce what it is from my list because i have no keys or descriptions. Anyway, Thank you for replying, Theo. I forgot that you also study Bibionidae.

I've added a dorsal shot if it helps. I have the specimen but i have not examined it. I don't have keys or drawings of genitalia so i try to avoid examination.

hopefully you can see what is necessary to confirm reticulatus. Otherwise, i can add microscopic photos when i get around to examining the specimen.

Posted by Zeegers on 13-07-2019 19:51

Light can be very tricky on wing membrane, but defnitely looks like reticulatus !


Posted by johnes81 on 13-07-2019 19:59

Thank you, Theo. I agree about the light. I think that the wing veins are much darker than my photo. I remember seeing it in natural light and it looked much darker and stronger. I will change the title.

I now understand that the reddish apex of the tibia eliminates ferruginatus. I have no keys but i found an old post here at where you descrive ferruginatus. I now see that reticulatus is a prefect fit. Thank you very much.