Thread subject: :: Which Tabanus species? Lesbos, Greece.

Posted by Jaap Vink on 10-07-2019 15:19

Would appreciate further identification of this Tabanus species.

Posted by Jaap Vink on 10-07-2019 15:25

Additional photograph

Posted by Zeegers on 11-07-2019 21:15

Dear Jaap,

What was the date ?

Did you observe the number of eyebands ?


Posted by Jaap Vink on 11-07-2019 22:55

Hi Theo,

Date was May 25 at our hotel at Skala Kallonis.
Did not look at the eye bands!
Sounds like I can learn something!
Awaiting your response!
Best regards, Jaap

Posted by Zeegers on 13-07-2019 19:50

Hi Jaap

So, the biggest lesson is hopefully: please always collect, espcially males !!