Thread subject: :: problems posting replies and in shoutbox

Posted by Tony Irwin on 09-10-2007 23:35

Hi Paul -
I have problems getting "quick reply" to accept my postings. I can post using the full "post reply" service, but "quick reply " won't work. :(
Also discovered that "shoutbox" won't accept my post about this. Is this just because I'm moaning??? :p

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 09-10-2007 23:39

Tony you are not alone. I have the same problem. :S

Posted by crex on 10-10-2007 06:38

I was about to write a Quick Reply that I never have any problem with Quick Replies, but then it didn't work :p

Posted by Susan R Walter on 10-10-2007 18:32

Me too :(

Posted by Paul Beuk on 10-10-2007 19:30

Apparently a new script acted up. I replaced it with the old one and it should be okay now.