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Posted by Haleun on 11-06-2019 22:18

this 2 - 3 mm fly was found on May 29 in our backyard in Hannover. We have got Tanaceti (not flowering yet) and Leucanthemum (flowering) in our garden within 1 m distance to the fly.
Would Ozirhincus tanaceti be a possibility?

Many thanks for an answer!


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Posted by Haleun on 11-06-2019 22:19

picture #2

Posted by John Carr on 11-06-2019 22:33

It is at least close to Ozirhincus. O. tanaceti is now a junior synonym of O. longicollis.

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Posted by Haleun on 12-06-2019 12:39

Thanks a lot, John!
As a non-expert I feel happy about the right track.


Posted by John Carr on 01-01-2020 17:32

Should be Ozirhincus anthemidis based on host plant, color, and small occiput.

Posted by Haleun on 13-01-2020 23:36

Dear John,

thank you very, very much!

I'm sorry for answering so late, but I got no message.
So this tiny fly gets a name in our New Year.

I wish you a successfull and a joyful year 2020 !!!