Thread subject: :: Identification of female Tanyptera

Posted by John Bratton on 20-02-2019 12:13

Hello. Can someone clarify how you separate female Tanyptera atrata and nigricornis, please? In the draft British key, it says that atrata has the trochanters orange and females have tergites 1-3 mainly red; while nigricornis has the trochanters black and female tergites 1-2 mainly red.

But in most photos of nigricornis, it has more red than atrata.

For example, compare - Photo Albums: Tanyptera atrata (female) (1)

with - Photo Albums: Tanyptera nigricornis (female) (1)

And what about - Photo Albums: Tanyptera atrata (female) (3)
It has much red on the abdomen, but black trochanters.

Best wishes
John Bratton