Thread subject: :: Cheilosia sp. ID

Posted by JarJar on 27-01-2019 02:01

Hi there,

is it possible to ID this Cheilosia?

Seen in Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Black Forest, Feldberg, Rinken, about 1200m sitting on Petasites, 31. May 2008

Thanks a lot,

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Posted by JarJar on 27-01-2019 02:05

From an other angle:

Posted by Sundew on 28-01-2019 19:32

Cheilosia is close to hopeless... What we see on these rather poor pictures of this male is: orange antennae and hairy eyes, and the tibiae are not entirely yellow. So C. bergenstammi might be a candidate. Compare with Steven Falk's Cheilosia album https://www.flick...690619935/.

Posted by JarJar on 29-01-2019 23:11

Dear Sundew,

thanks a lot for your reply and Link to this amazing Cheilosia album.

Best regards,

Posted by Robert Zoralski on 08-02-2019 00:53

Cheilosia himantopa

Posted by JarJar on 11-02-2019 15:09

Dear Robert,

thanks a lot for your help! dziękuję bardzo!


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