Thread subject: :: Stratiomyidae ?

Posted by Ben Hamers on 15-10-2005 21:23


I guess that's what they call mimicry : You take a picture of a wasp (22-9, near Brunssum but in Germany) and wenn you pick up the photo's at the shop it has changed into a fly.
I thought it shouldn't be too difficult to find out its identity but somehow this one isn't represented in my diptera - and insectguides and neither in the WWW-galleries, or am I looking in the wrong section ?


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Posted by Zeegers on 16-10-2005 10:08

Hi Ben

Look in the family Psilidae, genus Loxocera

Theo Zeegers

Posted by Ben Hamers on 16-10-2005 18:41

Thanks a lot Theo,

I never would have thought of Psilidae.


Posted by Zeegers on 17-10-2005 09:07

Well, you will next time.
Loxocera is very typical, some species are much smaller though.
The only real pitfall might be Lauxania, with has a very elongated third antennal segment as well. Lauxania is quite black, if I remember properly.

The species shown in the picture is our most common (and larger) one:
Loxocera albiseta.

Larvae in Juncus. So not uncommon, but easily overlooked.


Posted by Ben Hamers on 17-10-2005 20:48

To be honest, Theo, my search after your Loxocera-hint ended at Loxocera aristata, so it's good that you posted again with the right species name.
I hope that in future keys there will be more space for some photo's.
I realize that they are useless for professionals but for bloody beginners like me they could be a help sometimes.