Thread subject: :: Elongated black fly ID

Posted by FRV on 11-10-2018 13:07


I have photographed this fly on a mushroom yesterday in Chambourcy, 20km West of Paris.
Length about 8-9mm. seems to be very attracted by mushrooms.

Any idea of its identity?


Posted by John Carr on 11-10-2018 14:34

Hymenoptera. I saw a similar wasp recently on a mushroom covered in Drosophilidae. I suspected it was one of the Braconidae that parasitize flies.

Posted by Ectemnius on 11-10-2018 14:35

Hello FRV,

Not everything with wings is a fly. The very long antennae and constricted abdomen and very small eyes in relation to the head and the large stigma in the wing all point to the order Hymenoptera. Probably a Braconidaeā€¦

Kind regards,


Posted by FRV on 11-10-2018 14:45

Thank you Ectemnius and sorry for posting in the wrong place!