Thread subject: :: New World Nephrotoma (ID John Carr)!; SW Spain

Posted by John Carr on 03-10-2018 01:58

See comment here: https://diptera.i...ost_329327

Quoting Pjotr Oosterbroek:

"N. ferruginea is known from southern Spain and N. s. wulpiana from Spain (Valencia) and Portugal (Algarve).
N. ferruginea has two small spots at the upper side of the lateral thorax (fig. 5 in Oosterbroek 1984, PDF also available). N. s. wulpiana has only the upper one (as on the two above photo on Diptera-info).
In N. s. wulpiana the posterior end of the mid-dorsal thoracic stripe is darkened and continues into the thoracic suture."