Thread subject: :: Bold Scathophagidae?

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 12-10-2005 21:41

10 okt, Moscow, park, 7-8mm.
Bold and thin Scathophagidae is my only idea.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-10-2005 07:27

Yes, this is Scathophagidae. Especially the grnus Scathophaga may be quite hairy but a few others ar particularly bald and even glossy, for example Norellia. Others maybe rather bald and covered with fine dusting.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 19-10-2005 20:09

Thank you Paul.
I regard as no doubts success for me correct identification of Scathophagidae family.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 10-11-2005 18:11

Finaly, this fly identified by Andrey Ozerov as Scathophaga inquinata.