Thread subject: :: Lucilia sericata 2

Posted by hedy2411 on 09-08-2018 22:43

Is this a Lucilia sericata..?
Found 8-8-2018 in Zeist, Holland

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Posted by johnes81 on 09-08-2018 22:47

I agree with Lucilia sericata female

Posted by hedy2411 on 10-08-2018 14:38

This one I thought it is maybe different as it has some green up between the eyes,
compared to fly 1 (the former fly).
And the shape of the head seems different.
That's what makes some confusion to me.

Thank you for your reaction John!


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Posted by johnes81 on 10-08-2018 23:26

The green dusting is normal for Lucilia but it is not always noticeable. The dusting is limited to the upper part of the parafacialia, whereas the dusting extends closer to the base of the antennae and the lower part of the genae on Neomyia. You should also notice that Lucilia are not always the same size. You might find a very large female sitting beside a very undersized female of the same species, which looks strange.

Posted by hedy2411 on 14-08-2018 22:51

OK John, thank you for your reaction and explanation!