Thread subject: :: Diptera Mimicry

Posted by Tony Irwin on 02-10-2007 20:25

Tony T wrote:
crex wrote:
Crawfish mimicry? :D

I think we can put this in the same league as the "Alligator Bug" (Homoptera: Fulgora laternaria), the head of which does look like an alligator and would be great mimicry apart from the discrepancy of habitat and size between the model and mimic:o.

Perhaps we should look at this again - particularly at the newly-posted gallery image of Rhagoletis completa (see http://www.dipter...to_id=2344).
While I was scanning recent posts, I saw the thumbnail image of this picture out of the corner of my eye, and wondered why someone had posted an image of a scorpion (rather than a crayfish)- perhaps a potential predator might make the same mistake, and leave it alone? :)

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