Thread subject: :: Tachinid, wing venation

Posted by Tony T on 16-09-2007 18:32

14 September 2007, New Brunswick, Canada. Both flies collected on trail in dense woods.

There was some discussion recently about the usefulness of wing venation for diagnostic puposes.

2 'types' of Tachinid wings. Top: Phasia sp.; bottom Tachina sp.

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Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 16-09-2007 18:36

that second venation in Tachina.. is something! I never saw such unusual deviation in M vein.

Posted by crex on 16-09-2007 18:54

I compared a couple of Phasia photos of mine, P. obesa and P. pusilla. They differ in some ways. The petiole is longer in P. pusilla.

Posted by Tony T on 20-09-2007 21:40

Wing of a North American Microphthalma sp. (Tribe: Dexiini) showing long appendix of vein M (A) at its bend; similar to that of the European species.
Tony T attached the following image:

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Posted by Tony T on 02-10-2007 03:07

Another configuration.
Note the right angle bend in vein M followed by a long smooth concavity before straightening to join wing margin just behid apex of R4+5.
Also note the sinuous curve of cross vein dm-cu (discal medial-cubital)

Posted by Tony T on 07-05-2008 21:52

Another configuration. Blondeliini. CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE FLY
Note the gentle bend of vein M, the spikey costa, and the setae on R4+5.