Thread subject: :: Odinia boletina <- flies with strong legs on Polypore

Posted by Carnifex on 02-07-2018 18:10


these two flies I found on a polypore mushroom in the Botanical Garden of Vienna.
Very conspicuous was the reflecting white face in the area of the mouthparts and their stuttering walking behavior. Reminded me of a scuttle fly, in fast forward.


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Posted by Jan Maca on 02-07-2018 19:53

Odinia sp.; difficult to go farther.

Posted by Carnifex on 04-07-2018 09:22

Thanks Jan, apparently Odinia genus is a mess :)

Posted by Sven Hellqvist on 04-07-2018 18:22

Yes, Odinia is a mess but nevertheless I think your specimens are O. boletina.

Posted by Carnifex on 05-07-2018 09:32

There was a discussion in this forum some years ago where, according to a translation of the original description, the transverse nerves in O. boletina are not infuscated, in contrast to O. ornata. Is this still valid or obsolete?

Posted by Ectemnius on 11-07-2018 10:37

Hi Carnifex,

The weak spots on the crossveins and the habit of sitting on the underside of a polypore funghi (probably Fomes fomentarius) all indicate O. boletina.
If you want to be sure then you have to macerate the specimens. Then the markings on the eyes will become visible. The number of eye fascia are indicative of species.

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Posted by Carnifex on 12-07-2018 13:15

is this helpful?

Same specimens, first male, second female:

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Posted by Ectemnius on 13-07-2018 16:27

Hi Carnifex,

Yes, one eye fascia -> Odinia boletina!

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Posted by Carnifex on 13-07-2018 16:30

Thank you very much! :-)