Thread subject: :: Neoitamus socius female? -> cf

Posted by treebeard on 13-06-2018 18:37

I think it could be N. socius due to black bristles on femora 1 and 2, rather black mystax and colour of metatars. Slovakia, Banska Bystrica, 12.06.2018, outer edge of riparian gallery.

Thank you in advance


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Posted by treebeard on 13-06-2018 18:38

The same specimen

Posted by Quaedfliegh on 13-06-2018 22:35

I would add a cf for females are notoriously difficult to ID from a picture. But if this picture was taken in NL I would agree :-)

Posted by treebeard on 14-06-2018 04:42

Tahnk you.

There is also Neoitamus dasymallus in the Slovak checklist, but I have no idea what it looks like.