Thread subject: :: Muscidae identifiable? (20.05.18) --> Helina cf. evecta

Posted by johnes81 on 22-05-2018 18:43

Hello J├╝rgen,

I forgot to tell you that I found Helina sp that looks very similar to one of your posts. Please allow me time to analyze the genitalia for an id. If the fly matches yours, then i will update your post with a name.

Meantime, here is a photo of Sardinidion blackwalli from a few days ago. The pedipalp is much different than the one in your photo. From a lateral view, you should see a strong curve. The curve isn't present in your photos. I will try to look at your photos more when i have some free time. Unless someone beats me to it.

please let me know if you wish to see larger photos.