Thread subject: :: Muscidae identifiable? (20.05.18) --> Helina cf. evecta

Posted by johnes81 on 22-05-2018 01:03

Hello J├╝rgen,

I agree with evecta for various reasons but it is difficult to put a species level id to such a dirty fly. We could be surprised to find it is annosa or something else. I've learned to be more cautious these days. I have no problem with Helina cf evecta. My initial thoughts were evecta based solely upon the wings, hairy eyes and abdomen.

Also: i often view the spider forum to see what people are finding. I noticed your post. The Theridiidae spider is not Sardinidion blackwalli. I can post a photo of Sardinidion blackwalli if you want to see it along with pedipalp. Anyway, i agree with Theridion as a possibility.


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