Thread subject: :: Eumerus canariensis?

Posted by Marion Friedrich on 19-12-2017 15:48

in December I found this fly on Canary Islands, Fuerteventura.
Until 2009 for all islands the following species were identified in the LISTA DE ESPECIES SILVESTRES DE CANARIAS, Hongos, plantas y animales terrestres, 2009:
Eumerus canariensis Báez, 1982  NS F L
Eumerus dubius Báez, 1982  NS C
Eumerus latitarsis Macquart, 1839  NS H P G T C
Eumerus nivariae Báez, 1982  NS T
Eumerus obliquus (Fabricius, 1805) NP
Eumerus pulchellus Loew, 1848 NS T
Eumerus purpurariae Báez, 1982  NS F L
Eumerus purpureus Macquart, 1839  NS P G T C
Eumerus santosabreui Báez, 1982  NS H P G C
Eumerus terminalis Santos Abreu, 1924 NS P T C
Only two of them (the underlined ones) were found on Fuerteventura.
The species here does not show yellowish red spots on the abdomen like Eumerus purpurariae. Is it a Eumerus canariensis or are there some other alternatives?

What is the right name of tribe?
Merodontini or Eumerini?
Google search delivers 4 times more results for Merodontini. In Wikipedia Merodontini is presented as a synonym for Eumerini.

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