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Posted by Carnifex on 14-11-2017 20:03

in a vinegar trap to catch Drosophila, I found a male and a female Suillia. As it is not S. variegata, the species will be difficult to determine, and I haven't found a key that is open access. Does anybody know of one?
I kept the two specimina and I am interested in determining them, so help would be very much appreciated. As the genitals are quite prominent, I took some pictures of them - maybe this could give a hint or narrow down the possible species?

The flies were caught in the inner city of Vienna.


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Posted by Carnifex on 14-11-2017 20:04

here is the male

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Posted by Carnifex on 14-11-2017 20:09

and here the female

Posted by Paul Beuk on 15-11-2017 08:30


Posted by Andrzej on 16-12-2017 22:20

S. affinis

Posted by Carnifex on 05-01-2018 20:00

Hey Andrzej, I missed your post and just saw it right now. Thanks for your identification.
Also thanks for the key, Paul. Will try to comprehend the determination based on the key.