Thread subject: :: Sepsidae with bubble. -> Sepsis cynipsea ?

Posted by Ray Perry on 20-10-2017 16:23

5-7mm long - garden, Flensburg, Germany.
On an old radish plant which keeps on flowering even though it has some mature seed pods. There were 5 to 10 Sepsidae on the plant. Most were fairly active, running around and flying from one leaf or flower to the next. This one, however, was comparatively passive. I photographed it between 15.05pm and 15.34pm. In all this time it had a bubble at it's mouth and remained in the vicinity of one flower; at first on the petal, then onto the flower stem where it excreted liquid from it's abdomen and it wiped of with it's hind legs, then it wiped/massaged it's thorax and wings then returned to the petals.

Video of it wiping off the rear droplets and it's wing:-

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