Thread subject: :: Acrocera orbiculus?, Sweden

Posted by morfa on 26-08-2017 09:59

July 2016
Size: 4 mm

Acrocera orbiculus seems good after some googling but I really would appreciate an expert's opinion! Also, I'm curious to know weather this species lacks a proboscis? I found a thread by jorgemotalmeida that suggests this: https://diptera.i...rowstart=0

Many thanks,


Posted by Zeegers on 26-08-2017 19:18

Acrocera is correct, but it is very yellow.
Need to check this


Posted by morfa on 26-08-2017 23:27

Thanks Theo! Please let me know what you find, hugely appreciated!


Posted by Zeegers on 27-08-2017 16:49

OK, the wing venation points to Acrocera orbiculus.
It is a female, by genitalia and dark scutellum.


Posted by morfa on 27-08-2017 20:23

Very good, thanks for confirming! Any idea wether this species has a proboscis or not?

Posted by Zeegers on 28-08-2017 06:56

It is not a black and white question. The proboscis is strongly reduced.