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Posted by lynkos on 04-10-2005 16:45

This I feel I can say with almost certainty is a Tachinidae ;). It reminds me in some ways of the Gymnosoma dolycoridis I photographed a few months ago, could it be a cousin of some kind? Photographed as always near Rome in Italy.

Thanks in advance, Sarah

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 04-10-2005 21:05

Gymnosoma for sure, but what species is a difficult question!
I don't think somebody will be able to tell you what species you've pictured here!

Posted by lynkos on 05-10-2005 05:33

A miracle, I got pretty close :o! Thanks Gerard. If no-one manages to get right to the species, then the genus is just fine, Sarah

Posted by Zeegers on 05-10-2005 20:55

Even closer:

It is definitely not G. nudifrons or G. rotundatum, the most common species.
It is either dolycoridis or clavatum male.
That, I cannot tell
(Yes, Gymnosoma's are very beautiful and
Yes, they are a disaster to identify!
One cannot be sure from a picture, no matter how nice)

Theo Zeegers

Posted by lynkos on 05-10-2005 20:57

Thanks Theo, I'd say that's near enough! Yes they are quite lovely and I think very under-appreciated, Sarah