Thread subject: :: Flies determined

Posted by KWQ on 08-03-2017 11:13

Hello dear colleagues,

Usually this forum is about sending pictures of flies to be id-ed, but this message turns the usual pattern a little the other way round, I could be interested in recieving flies from abroad to be determined. Starting from next autumn 2017..
I'm from Turku, south-western Finland and worked with flies (semi-professionally) for 17 years now. I'm no specialist of any single family, but can determine a lot of flies from nearly every family (my species list from the area of Turku comprises about 1300 species), only Tabanidae I have practically excluded.

So, if you have some flies or samples of flies that have been bothering you for days on your shelves or if you are planning to collect next season in some project (preferably in northern/central Europe),maybe I could help? I could at least sort them to families and determine as much as I can. The price of my work could be "semi-professional" also and could readily be negotiated.

If you got interested, please don't hesitate to contact me either privately here or in my e-mail-address

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