Thread subject: :: Male Tabanus glaucopis? Or exclusus?-->T.glaucopis

Posted by rafael_carbonell on 21-02-2017 23:39

Seems freshly emerged from riverside, ... not collected. (Iberia: Girona province; Beuda: Riera de Rajolins: 380 masl; 2016 August the 2nd)

As I can't get at the moment the Iberian Portillo keys I have followed Kroatian keys (Krcmar, et al, 2011). Unfortunately I didn't measure it. So I think we have to look at the hairs of the vertex (pale and dark in exclusus; black in glaucopis) and the subcallus (only apically polished in exclusus and completely polished in glaucopis)... but i dont' trust too much theses features....
Tabanus glaucopis is common in my area.

Can anybody help?

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